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UX Design Tips for Building a Ecommerce Website


UX Design Tips for Building a Ecommerce Website

eCommerce is one of the emerging domains right now. It is predicted that during the coming years more people will switch to online shopping. As per Statista, by the year 2023, about 22% of retail sales will come from online sales across the world. This is the reason everyone is on the lookout for grabbing potential customers in the online platform and eCommerce websites are rightly serving as their online storefronts extending a positive experience to the consumers. The point of discussion today would be the effectiveness of great UX (User Experience) in web design and development in Australia to help your eCommerce website drive growth and success.

Understanding UX

UX or User experience is the primary element to define the way users perceive an application online like a website or a mobile app and interact with it. It needs a lot of effort to create a positive experience. You need to test it umpteen times, make decisions about your target audience, and update things in a way that each time you move a little closer to success.

The website structure should be sans complexities

One should be observant about the minutest element in the structure of your website. The most crucial element happens to be organising the information about the products and purchasing perfectly.v This is the factor that has a great impact on the conversion rate. If the user faces difficulty in locating the product they require then obviously they won't come back to purchase anything, anymore. At the same time, it is also vital that information related to payment options, shipping, and delivery, return policy, and FAQs should be placed somewhere easier for the users to find them out.

Opt for social proof

Social proof is the situation where one's purchasing habits get influenced by the ones who have purchased the product or service before. The practice of reading reviews while opting for online shopping is a classic example of this phenomena. The reviews are the social proofs we believe than the descriptions offered by the sellers. Social proofs also constitute mentions in notable publications, social media posts, awards, certifications, and so on. Hence, including social proofs is a wise choice to enhance the prominence of your eCommerce website.

The check-out procedures should be optimised

The users might leave or abandon the item if the check-out takes a lot of time. One-page checkout is the best option to optimise the conversion rate. This makes the transaction faster and customers keep coming back to your page.

Use high-quality images

Images tend to be the only option to attract your customers to your product or service offered online. So, it is essential that the images representing your products should be very lucrative. So, you must invest in high-quality images and that will ensure huge ROI in the long run.

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